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A Book by Its Cover

I’ve noticed that more and more photographers have thrown up their hands in surrender, unable to choose the one picture out of a project to symbolize the whole, to draw browsers in, and seduce them through the book’s cover.

Instead, photographers try to wriggle away, determined that no one will ever judge their book (or even be able to guess what in the world its about) by the cover alone.

Or does this better describe today’s infatuation with so much that’s merely empty design? It also dodges any responsibility to convey unique meaning. Or is it no different than the Internet’s abdication, substituting real information for a coquette’s click-bait hint?


I do appreciate the interview that a sophisticated radio program may undertake with some top photographer, discussing at length the ideas behind an image.  Of course that will only hold my attention if the ideas (and probably the pictures behind them) are fresh and interesting enough.

So when Photo District News published an interview with the exciting headline “Book Published Michelle Dunn Marsh on What Does and Doesn’t Sell Photo Books,” I wondered if it might mention something about book covers.

Not a word.


Book Publisher Michelle Dunn Marsh On What Does and Doesn’t Sell Photo Books

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